Our Clients

The following is a partial list of customers Hollins has provided service for in the past

  • Hewsaw Machines
    Hollins has a long term relationship with Hewsaw and provides fabrication and design service to Hewsaw on many of their projects. Hollins has provided components for all of the approx 65 Hewsaw machines operating in North America.
  • Vaagen Bros
    Hollins provided engineering serives, log handling and bucking equipment for the recent mill upgrade in Midway, BC.
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  • Fornebu Lumber Company (now part of UMOE)
    Hollins supplied design services, high speed log handling equipment, and Hewsaw log feeding conveyors.
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  • Nexterra
    Manufactured ash handling screw conveyors and gats for an advanced wood gasification system.
  • Mill Tech
    Hollins has fabricated a range of sawmill equipment for Mill Tech including lumber rollcases, lumber handling unscramblers and transfers.
  • JH Huscroft Lumber Company
    Redesign log handling system and supply High Speed log unscramblers.
  • Kalesnikoff Lumber
    Design and build log and lumber handling equipment for mill upgrade project.
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  • Wynndell Lumber
    Design and build sawmill building, lumber handling equipment.
  • Burtons Cove Logging and Lumber
    Design and install a Hewsaw line and stand alone log sorter.
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  • Ponderay Valley Fibre (now parts of Vaagen Bros)
    Design and build custom log sorter system.